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The Balian land is an excellent investment because it is still reasonably priced and we have recently seen greatly increased investor interest in the Balian location. This particular land has the added advantage of a 100% foreign-invested PMA ownership structure already in place.

The entire property lies within a government-designated tourism development zone which allows for tourism-related construction, such as a resort. The government-ratified environmental impact study related to the master plan for the property, and the subsequent building license allow for construction on the elevated, ocean front land lots.

Ground water has been tested. The supply is plentiful, with active natural replenishment. Water quality is excellent, with very low salinity.

Detailed soil sampling has been completed for the entire estate. The stability and bedrock quality for building on is almost perfect.

The term Are means a 100m2 block. And 100 Are = 1 Hectare (10,000m2)

The two co-owners have no interest in developing the property themselves, and are now committed to sell it in its entirety.

If you decide you want to pursue this further then we can introduce you directly to the co-owner who is leading the sales process.


The Balian Beach Estate property comprises a total of 10 hectares of beautiful, undeveloped land, offering a 450 meter direct ocean frontage to Balian Beach and extensive frontage to the Balian River.

Also included is a 3 bedroom villa designed by Grounds Kent Architects and constructed to the highest of Bali standards by P.T. Tunas Jaya Sanur – one of Bali’s leading construction firms.



The owners are offering the Balian Beach Estate property for sale either (i) in totality as a single, offshore-held, corporate entity, plus all the Indonesian-registered hak milik (freehold) land lots, or (ii) by way of separate sales of two component blocks of land.


(A)  Sale of Component Blocks of Land

Three blocks of land have been selected for sale – based upon their land titles and position within the total property.

(i)   Absolute Ocean Front Land: an exceptional 37,120 sq. meter parcel.

This parcel of land comprises 27,720 sq. meters (277.2 are) of stunning, elevated land with a 450 meter ocean frontage, overlooking Balian Beach and the Indian Ocean. There is a further 9,400 sq. meters (94 are) of beach level land which is state-owned and held on a long term right to use agreement with the Tabanan Regency administration.

12,520 sq. meters of the elevated ocean front land (with an ocean frontage of approximately 250 meters) is freehold title (‘hak milik’). The remaining 24,600 sq. meters of the entire parcel is on long leasehold from just two owners, with 35 years remaining. There is opportunity for extending the term of each of the two leases.

The sellers’ indicative cash price for the total 37,120 sq. meters, of ocean front land is US$ 2,877,000.

(ii)  Freehold Land

A single, regular-shaped, rectangular block of land measuring  53,250 sq. meters (532.5 are). 

This flat-to-undulating, open land has a 150 meter frontage to the Balian River and easy access to Balian Beach via a short, private roadway or riverside path.

The development potential for such a rarely obtainable, large tract of coastal freehold land in Bali is outstanding.

The sellers’ indicative cash price for the 53,250 sq. meters of freehold land is US$ 3,730,000. This price includes the three-bedroom, river view villa referred to in ‘Introduction’ above.

(iii) The price of the Total Property

Acquired through purchase of the offshore holding company is the sum of (i) & (ii) above plus 100 Are of leasehold land contiguous with (ii) above, plus the entire corporate structure. This includes the PMA with all its licenses and access road agreement.

  • Freehold (‘Hak Milik’) Land
  • Land Leased from Private Owners: Notarised Lease Agreements through 2047 and 2052
  • ‘Right to Manage’ State-owned Land: Notarised Cooperation Agreement with the Tabanan Regency Government for 94 are (0.94 hectare) of land at the beach level, contracted through May 2052
  • Exclusive commercial use of both the road and the footpath are contracted to the PMA Company under Notarised Agreements with the Desa Adat for an indefinite period.
  1. Access Road – from the main road behind the property, down to the beach, forming the entire eastern border of the property.
  2. Footpath – alongside the Balian River to the beach (can be redeveloped to a 3 meter width), forming the entire western border of the property.


(B)  Sale of Total Property

The entire property can be securely and efficiently acquired through the purchase of the single purpose, offshore holding company which holds 98% of the non-freehold, asset-owning Indonesian PMA (foreign investment) company. The remaining 2% of the PMA company may be acquired directly from its other two, BVI company shareholders.

The sellers’ indicative cash price for the total corporate entity plus all freehold titles is US$ 7,300,000 (included: corporate structure, licenses and permits, documents of support from the local adat/village community, etc.)


Licenses and Permits

All the following necessary licenses and permits have been issued to the PMA Company by the competent authorities, and are available for inspection :

(i)    Ijin Prinsip

(ii)   Ijin Lokasi

(iii)  AMDAL (Environmental Impact Clearance) – with Bali    Governor’s Acceptance

(iv)  IMB (Building Permit)

(v)   Formal letter from the Regent (Bupati) of Tabanan, acknowledging the Company’s commencement of construction –  therefore IMB-compliant.

(vi)   Project Development License, issued by the BKPM, Jakarta.

Documents of Support from the Local Adat / Village Community

(i)     Formal declaration by the Adat (prepared for and read out in front of the Bupati (Regent) of Tabanan) that it supports the Company’s project.

(ii)    A Memorandum of Understanding between the Adat and the Company, stating the village authorities’ support for and non-interference with the Company’s resort project.

(iii)   Declaration of support for the Company’s resort project by the religious authorities of the local community.

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